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canada goose store Nobody is a „better“ or „worse“ fan, but what does „like different things“ mean? if you are not interested in the drivers, the politics and above all THE RACING, what are you doing here? if people havent been interested in this, but only care because of shoving around, than no, it not good PR. You don attract potential new fans, but only people canada goose hybridge lite uk interested in everything Formula canada goose outlet vancouver 1 does not stand for. Maybe it is me, not being able to explain it better, but it wouldn be bad if you took down your goodist goggles for a second and realized that other sports, which are followed by masses, have tons of issues, we do not have in F1.My view is that IF Ocon was canada goose uk black friday permitted to overtake (and he was) THEN he wasn’t given enough room and it was either a racing incident or Verstappen was at fault for closing him down.All this about the race leader being treated differently is wrong. canada goose store

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Canada Goose online CLEARLY implying, „WAIT HERE.“The guy followed me all the way into my stockroom, to the back, and into my cooler where I keep all my backstock. I didn’t even realize until I turned around to leave and this dipshit was standing right there looking at the flowers too. Of course I stopped what I was doing and told he is not allowed back there and needs to leave right now.And right now, I’ve just clocked off for my shift, got my jacket on, very clearly off the clock and looking like any other customer, and this absolute idiot woman follows me, screeching after me, and walks all the way into the stock room yelling for me Canada Goose online.

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