That’s this very detailed forecast for the firefighters

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Would dress in jeans, a shirt and cowboy boots, she said

A particularly virulent strain of FCV, called Virulent Systemic Feline Calicivirus (VS FCV), more recently emerged. It has been reported worldwide, with one known outbreak in Sydney a couple of years agoVS FCV is capable of causing severe generalised disease through severe vasculitis and ulcerations by epithelial cell cytolysisDownload information sheet in a printable format (pdf 300kb)What are the characteristics of the virus?All FCV strains are potentially pathogenic and need to be managed collectivelyVS FCV is a recognised distinct disease variant with increased pathogenicity. Some specific strains described for some outbreaks such as Ari, Diva, Koas and Ukos WHowever, VS FCV has no definite diagnostic or virological features that would differentiate it from other strainsVasculitis and associated typical clinical feature is suggestive of the VS strainRT PCR best used for diagnosis of FCV, but won’t differentiate the VS strain.

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