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Replica Bags Multiply this daily return (Rs 625) by 30 (days of a month), divide it by the original investment (Rs 57,500) and multiply the answer by 100: The return is a mindboggling 32 per cent per month.Mittal, 26, who is known for his flashy lifestyle he had invited Bollywood stars Sunny Leone and Amisha Patel for his birthday on November 29, 2016 at his Delhi bungalow had devised his schemes in a shrewd manner that allowed people, who could not afford to invest a huge amount, to invest in different slabs beginning with Rs 5,750, Rs 11,500, Rs 28,750, and get proportionate returns.Apart from the monthly returns, investors were free to take away their initial corpus at the end of the year.Aren’t you already planning your next vacation in the Maldives? That’s how greed overwhelms common sense!This is the greed factor that not just Anubhav Mittal, but many others before him, have used successfully to swindle money by promising the moon.However, Mittal’s luck ran short, when Amit Pathak and his 10 member team of detectives began following up on more than 4,500 emails to the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force’s email ID complaining about the wrongdoing by various companies floated by Mittal, from across India, and a full blown, multi billion crore scam began to manifest itself before the investigators.The UP STF has shared the data gathered from Mittal’s offices and their investigations of four people arrested in this case so far with the Income Tax department and the Enforcement Directorate, indicating there is more to this scam than meets the eye.Though Pathak did not speak about the nature of the data shared with other investigation agencies, which naturally have jurisdiction over this scam, the ED has already filed a case against Mittal under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act based on the first information report filed by the UP STF.Most importantly, Rs 524 crore were recovered from Mittal’s account in Yes Bank that could yet get the market regulator Securities Exchange Board of India and banking regulator Reserve Bank of India become a part of the investigations soon.IMAGE: Anubhav Mittal and his CEO Shridhar Prasad and technical head Mahesh Dayal operated from 3W Digital Private Ltd in NOIDA’s Sector 63; Photograph: PTIWhat can you tell us about the people you have arrested so far and how did you arrive at the Rs 3,700 crore figure?These are all technology savvy, educated people who have made use of technology sufficiently well to defraud people.Our investigation of the arrested people revealed that this scam is worth Rs 3,700 crore and more.We cross checked this with their bank accounts to reach the figure.We recovered Rs 524 crore from his (Mittal’s) bank account and the Rs 3,700 crore scam involves all the amount is right from the time he formed this company in 2015.Out of the Rs 3,700 crore you are now left with Rs 500 crore. So, where is the rest of the money?A part of this money has already been given to his customers to win their trust. In return, these customers got him more investors.Happy customers help attract more customers who would keep the machine running.It is possible that out of this total money collected over two years (Mittal floated this business model in 2015) he must have paid back Rs 1,500 crore to Rs 2,000 crore to his customers to win their trust and keep the scheme going.It is quite possible that he could have shelved off or laundered Rs 1,000 crore for himself too.Using, depositing other people’s money and use that money to pay other people using fictitious bank accounts is laundering only.No, most of this money was laundered only in India to keep his ponzi scheme well oiled.We have made four arrests yet in this case and Anubhav Mittal is the kingpin of this entire ‘digital marketing’ or ‘get paid for likes’ or ‘clicking on links’ racket.. Replica Bags

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