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Volume is nonexistent on this stock and you won find anyone talking about it here. They were almost profitable for Q1 2018, with a net loss of $48,816 (down 343% from Q1 2017 loss of $165,563).With California infrastructure not really getting started until mid way through Q1 I imagine these numbers will continue to grow. I see no reason the share price shouldn increase.Just a heads up on a value play.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap People line up to buy cartons of bottled water at a supermarket after reports on heavy levels of benzene in local tap water, in Lanzhou, Gansu province April 11, 2014. REUTERS/StringerThe water supply company, Lanzhou Veolia Water Co, is majority owned by the city government, with Veolia China, a unit Canada Goose Jackets of canada goose uk black friday French firm Veolia Environnement, holding a 45 percent stake.investigation showed the high levels of benzene were caused by industrial contamination at one of the two culverts that transfer raw water from a sedimentation plant to the water treatment plant, Veolia said in a statement.Preliminary inspection showed the benzene came from chemical plants, the local government said on its website, although no culprit was named. The environmental bureau is carrying out further investigations.Operation of the canada goose polluted culverts has been suspended, Veolia said.Lanzhou Veolia Water was working to redirect to its water treatment plant water which usually goes to a power plant, which canada goose black friday sale should restore normal supply as soon as possible, Veolia said.China official Xinhua news agency said an initial investigation had found problems in a three km (two mile) channel which links a plant that pre processes the water and the plant that supplies the city water.Closure of that channel would halve Lanzhou water supply, the report quoted Tian Hong, head of Lanzhou water quality monitoring station, as saying.Fire engines would carry water to affected areas, it added.A man pushes a shopping cart filled with bottled waters after reports on heavy levels cheap Canada Goose of benzene in local tap water, in Lanzhou, Gansu province April 11, 2014. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose Kennedy’s retirement gives Mr. Trump his second Supreme Court pick and the canada goose clearance chance to swing the balance of the court Canada Goose Online to conservatives. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces David Stras, judge on 8th Circuit Court of AppealsDiane Sykes, judge on 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Amul Thapar, judge on 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Timothy Tymkovich, judge on 10th Circuit Court of Appeals canada goose store Robert Young, canada goose factory sale retired justice on Supreme Court of MichiganDon Willett, judge on 5th Circuit Court of AppealsPatrick Wyrick, justice on Supreme Court of Oklahoma. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale It official, I in. That is Justin Trudeau fault. His mandate and policies are failing. Really, we’re not that used to such extremely hot summers. So it is surprising to see a clustering of such strong events. It wasn’t only the two, there were three other very warm summers within the same decade.Global average temperatures have only increased by 0.8 of a degree Celsius canada goose black friday sale.

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