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Do not, I repeat, do not send PPC traffic to your home page. Besides certain exceptions, it’s not the most relevant page for the users’ search query. The landing page you send visitors to, and the way it’s designed and written, determines if people stay or abandon your site.

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cheap goyard Families can have sleepovers with sharks! (Image: National Marine Aquarium)Get Weekly updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersSleepovers are always exciting for kids; being away from home for the night, hanging out with friends, eating plenty of snacks. And now, coming face to face with SHARKS.The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is launching quite the experience for children this February half term with its new ‘Sleeping with the Sharks’ offering where brave families can spend the night in the aquarium right by the shark tank.There’ll be ample opportunity to explore the various exhibitions and fish tanks throughout the night, as well as a host of extras including a midnight fake goyard pouch movie in front of the giant Eddystone Reef, and more fun and games.In fact, you’ll get to get up close to over 4,000 marine creatures throughout your stay including the likes of stingrays, tropical fish and even Friday, the resident Green Turtle!Best theme parks in the UK for toddlers and small children(Image: National Marine Aquarium)The sleepover starts with an introduction and a host of activities, before a guided twilight tour of the museum to see what the fish get up to at night.Next on the itinerary are arts and crafts in the Just Add H2O Creative Centre, followed by games in the exhibits before the film screening (complete with a midnight snack).You’ll also receive a light breakfast although it’s worth noting that dinner isn’t available in the evening so make sure you eat before you arrive.Sleeping with the Sharks will be held over six dates throughout 2019, with the first event kicking off on Saturday 23rd February. (You can check out the full list of dates below).Things to do with the kids on rainy days including best indoor activities when the weather is dullFull list of dates in 2019 Saturday 23rd FebruarySaturday 13th April 2019Saturday goyard scarf replica 1st June 2019Saturday 17th August 2019Friday 25th October 2019Monday 30th December 2019Prices start from per child (aged 5+) and per adult (ages 16+) cheap goyard.

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