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As this sub continues to grow (56k now) it quickly becoming inundated with troll/parody threads like „How do I get my coworkers to not kiss me“ or the exact same questions, over and over and over again. We also had a couple AMAs without any proof whatsoever that turn into just massive downvote fests.While a lot of this is fine in small numbers, as this sub grows, the possibility of the front page being just full of shit posts increases. While I think the extreme, that I mention every so often, would be treating this sub like /r/AskHistorians to provide more legitimate advice and cut down on the BS posts, I do wonder if the mods are at least open to increasing moderation/rules to make this sub a better community.So what say you /r/cscareerquestions, what, if any, new rules would you like to see here?This is something we mods have considered, but it has several problems:People often don want to be identified on this subreddit, even just to the mods, because it has to do with a person career which is a pretty big deal.It really hard to verify how much experience someone has, where they work, or what they do without really invasive https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com proof.

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