Staterooms and Congress Halls

Ethno village Stanišići possesses three modern staterooms: Moskva, Volga and St.Peterburg. The staterooms are designed and built according to the highest world standards while their exterior is completely adapted to the ethno style of the whole village. Designers equipped the interior with modern furniture which is adapted for different purposes - from organizing festive events (wedding parties, anniversaries, graduation parties) to educational meetings, presentations, conferences, congresses, fairs.

All staterooms are air-conditioned with automatic ventilation, good lighting and video projectors. Moskva and St:Peterburg staterooms can be joined in one unit while Volga stateroom is connected to wide stairs and a lift. All these staterooms have a view on the whole village.

Actual surface of all the staterooms is 300 m2. They can accept between 100 and 1.500 guests, depending on the purpose.

Conference halls, like Moskva and St.Peterburg are separated units which can be joined for bigger events. The conference hall Volga, which is connected to Moskva and St.Peterburg by wide stairs and a lift, can present a perfect option when conference members should be divided into several groups, or it can be used as an exhibition hall.

Besides events which can be organized in these halls, guests are provided with a congress hall in the hotel Pirg with maximum capacity of 100 places. This congress hall is equipped with modern equipment and translation booths.
Member of the portal

Member of the portal

Moskva 150 150 400 200 100 1000 600 1500 1142.4 m²
Volga 50 50 50 100 50 500 300 800 638.25 m²
St. Peterburg 40 40 50 50 50 300 200 500 422.5 m²
Pirg 30 30 50 30 30 100 - - 116.62 m²
* Capacity of a particular hall is given in cross section view