Sports center “Savo Milošević”

Ethno village Stanisic is respected for its rich sport life. The village includes a modern sport center with two soccer fields, opened tennis and volleyball courts, indoor soccer and basketball fields, while children are provided with a playroom. This sport center is named by our famous sportsman, and former member of the national team, Savo Milosevic.

Newly built soccer field with artificial grass and tartan running trucks as well as one more field, perfectly designed according to FIFA standards, size 68x100m, with ideal grass field and water supply system will fulfill the greatest expectations. Changing rooms and accompanying equipment enable perfect conditions for soccer team preparations.

Besides the fields, there are basketball fields, handball fields and indoor soccer field with a asphalt surface which can be used by sport recreation fans. Also, tennis dross courts are suitable for recreation and organizing tournaments.

The price of renting the tennis courts with your equipment is 10 BAM, with our equipment 15 BAM per hour. Playing by night under lighting is additionally charged 5 BAM/h.

Sport center Savo Milosevic as a modern building presents the center of sport in our region, where sportsmen enjoy playing their matches, while sport fans and spectators enjoy watching. Besides club and national team competitions which are held here, we organize prestigious tournaments for the young. Our sport fields are suitable for soccer club preparations so we were trusted by FSS, FSRS, FSBiH etc.

Ethno village Stanisici and Sport Center hosted many sport legends from our country and the region. Some of our guests of honor are:

In 2009 in Ethno village Stanisici in Bijeljina soccer club Zvijezda 09 was founded. The club was actually moved from Brgule village, municipality Vareš, where it existed before the war in Yugoslavia under the name Zvijezda Brgule.

Soccer club Zvijezda Brgule was founded on 14 January in 1980 headed by Pero Stanisic. It was named by wooded mountain Zvijezda. They were playing on new village field Borovaca. The competition started i municipality league Ilijas and then moved to municipality league Visoko. By the end of the war this club was deactivated.

Soccer club Zvijezda 09 is continually placing on upper positions on competitions in RS. In the season 2010/11 they were playing in 6th league of RS, then in the season 2013/14 the club placed in Cup RS for the first time and nowadays it is playing in the BH Telecom Premier League.

Having in mind the idea that more and more children in our area play soccer, in 2015 Ethno village Stanisici founded a soccer academy called Savo Milosevic. This famous player and record holder with national coat of arms helps in realization of this academy, along with the Ethno village.