Religious tourism

I had a great desire to build a church (my foundation). In addition to me His Grace Bishop Basil Bishop Zvorničko-Tuzlanski delighted with his patronage, building and building many churches and monasteries (207 so far in his eprhiji) and that was my big inspiration, one of the following reasons were and what was in my village Brgule (Vares municipality) there was no church, or in the neighboring villages of twenty Orthodox Vareska municipality to the village Nišići (of municipality). I want my church to be on an elevated site in order to dominate the village and its surroundings. You had to make an artificial hill and that the country had settled and become static to build, you need at least two or three years of settlement. I began to build after less than three months. A friend of mine Nešo Miric (geologist) said, "Oh, Boris, if this is your church collapses, then there really is a God!" Here's my church, I do not budge even centimeters...

When I asked for the blessing of His Grace Bishop of Zvornik-Tuzla Mr. Basil to build an endowment, one day Bishop came to see the place where the church was built. Previously, I buried a little as a couple of steps in the country to Bishop could climb to the top of the hill. Popesmo to me that above a flat surface only ten squares. Embarrassed me what to say man, just for the country's grain store and he wants the church in that place. Thank God he saw something ahead of time, just like me, and gave me a blessing to my Church of the construction began. Then I had another problem, because all my life savings in my pocket and it was under the pillow a few hundred dollars. Thank God, go work. Of course, any church or monastery dedicated and wear them the name of a saint. Bishop Basil asks me if I have the desire to say the name as a patron saint in whose name would raise holy place, I suggested to St. Michael the Archangel (the glory of my ancestors), although it was the glory of the present Holy Father Nicholas. Bishop is a little thought and finally said to be dedicated to the Holy Father Nicholas summer. God forgive me, I did not even know there was a Holy Father Nicholas summer, because in my area that day is celebrated as "Nikolic" and I never knew it was the same saint, that is to be celebrated prenod relics of the Holy Father Nicholas of Mira in Likjiskog Bari, where he now rest his bones. I remember that on that day I went to a place often Reljevo (near Sarajevo), respectively, in Reljevskeu church, next to the river Bosna, where every year held a great assembly (the excursion). Bishop also asked on what day is St. Nicholas summer, and he replied that it was May 22. As I said May 22 that began just a buzzing in my head, asking questions is that your final decision of Bishop, and he firmly said, the kind of short-tempered, he is. I kissed him and zahvalih him, and he marveled at all, he says he does not wish ispunih and now I see the joy of love and thanks to me, how could it not, because May 22 is the date of my birth, and my monastery I celebrate on the same day. He will be forever, and I know who…

On my desire to make the Baptistery in the Russian style Prota Milorad Mitrovica (born in Han Pijesak) fax sent me a couple of drawings of Russian wooden church. List and look for me, and immediately sealed about this and they have built. The text that was below drawings I did not even read it. It said that the church is located in Alaska, and is dedicated to the Holy Father Nicholas summer, and so God would not be here dedicated to the same saint in the Ethno Village.

Boris Stanisic