Podlugovi Train Station

From Podlugovi train station you can start a romantic journey around the village. This unique journey about the lake is equally adored by children and adults.

Electric small train as a special attraction for children and their parents drives around the lake, through the tunnel and over the bridges to Noah's Ark.

It was in 1975. I was coming back from the weekend at my parents' village house. It was winter and I was wearing a jumper made of real wool and with great braids. I liked it a lot. I was the prettiest in it. Or it just looked like that. I missed a bullet train from Belgrade to Sarajevo. It was quite late then so I had to spend the night at Podlugovi train station again. I leaned against a furnace which was already cold but it seemed to be a bit warm. And then I fell asleep. In the dawn the woman who was working there set a fire again while I was still sleeping. My favorite jumper caught fire. With eyes full of tears I came back to Sarajevo at Gavrilo Princip dorm where I lived.

Boris Stanišić