Noah’s Ark

This is a ship which was not destined to sail. Mijo Markovic had a wish to build an oaken ship and sail far to Australia. Builders of this ship were from Zagreb and they used some English project. Unfortunately, just before the end of building, the Bosnian war broke out and the ship stayed unfinished.
In 2008 in Konoba restaurant some gentleman looked for me. It was Milo Grbic from Kiseljak and said he wanted to give me a ship that he bought from Mijo Markovic. I went to Modrac lake in Tuzla where this ship was moved from Kiseljak in 2000. Mijo had intended to open a restaurant in it. But in the end the ship was not destined to sail away and it was left to ruin. I found it totally ruined, rotten, with broken keelson, but luckily I recognized a Noah's Ark in it.