Ethno village


House of grandpa Božo

In 1943 Partisans took out a dozen of Chetniks on execution from this house, with their arms tied on their back. Among them there was my grandfather Božo Stanišić, from Brgule village.

The house was on the edge of a big slope which went all the way to the mountain stream called Mala rijeka and dense coniferous forest. As Božo saw he was going to die and having had nothing to lose, he fled. Partisans were shooting and he was rolling through the dense forest and luckily was not shot. He got hold of the stream, running away and throwing dust in their eyes. That is how he saved his head but not the ears which were frozen because he couldn’t warm them due to tied arms and severe cold. As a child I always wondered why grandpa Božo had ears like that.

Boris Stanišić

Ethno village Stanišići

By listening to the chirping of birds, the burbling of the streams and churning of the water mill this is where a human relaxes eyes and soul and becomes wiser and more noble.