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Bijeljina is a town in the northeastern part of Republika Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina. The area of the city is 733.85 km2, and the total population is 107,715 (according to the 2013 census). As the center of the fertile plain of Semberija, the city is one of the centers for food production and trade.


The oldest found traces of habitation date from the Neolithic period - Starčevo culture, 5-4. millennium of old era. An important crossroads of cultural influences in the Neolithic, Bronze Age and later. Bijeljina was one of the centers of the Pannonian-Illyrian uprising. Important personalities of the 19th century include Filip Višnjić and Ivo od Semberije, the prince of the Bijeljina nahija, whose figures are on the coat of arms of the city of Bijeljina. Although the name "Bijeljina" was first mentioned in 1446, it was not made official until 1918. During the rule of Austria-Hungary, the city was called "Bjelina" and before that "Belina" and "Bilina".


On the main square of Bijeljina, in front of the city assembly, there is a monument dedicated to King Petar Karadjordjevic, a replica of the monument erected before the Second World War. The consecration was performed at a ceremony on St. Peter's Day in 1937. The author of the original monument is the Croatian sculptor Rudolf Valdec. During the Second World War, the Ustashas removed the monument from the square and destroyed it, and the communist government refused to return it after the end of the war. It was not until the first year of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1992, that a replica of the monument was erected on the site of the original monument, which had been erected as a monument to NOR fighters during the SFRY. The author of this replica is the academic sculptor Zoran Jezdimirovic.

Important people

  • - Ivan Knezevic, Prince Ivo of Semberija
  • - Filip Visnjic, folk singer, guslar
  • - Rodoljub Colakovic, national hero of Yugoslavia
  • - Mile Davidovic, the most successful Serbian naive painter
  • - Nihad Hrustanbegovic, composer and maestro on classical accordion
  • - James Chaim Pinto, painter
  • - Branimir Bajic, football player
  • - Branislav Ivkovic, politician
  • - Goran Jelisic, Hague convict
  • - Dragisa Saric, basketball player
  • - Zvonimir Vuckovic, JVuO officer
  • - Luka Jovic, football player
  • - Alija Alijagic, a communist revolutionary
  • - Milos Bojanic, singer of folk music
  • - Mirza Begic, basketball player
  • - Miroslav Milovanovic, politician
  • - Moric Romano, NOR participant
  • - Patriot Roki Vulovic, singer, songwriter
  • - Savo Milosevic, football player
  • - Svetozar Samurovic, painter
  • - Stjepan Tonkovic, painter
  • - Fadil Jahic Spanac, national hero of Yugoslavia
  • - Frankie, the rapper
  • - Relja Jovanovic, national hero of Republika Srpska
  • - Ljiljana Rikic, philanthropist, holder of the Order of the Cross of Mercy
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    By listening to the chirping of birds, the burbling of the streams and churning of the water mill this is where a human relaxes eyes and soul and becomes wiser and more noble.