Dems blaming negative things happening to people on misogyny or

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Seemed gimmicky to me at first

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high quality hermes birkin replica We had a laugh. Not much talking though. Stern guy who built up a nice business for himself. Sure it enough to hold off Trump, but the Republicans are pretty happy right now knowing that they were able to turn around what was supposed to be a blue wave. The Democrats really need to look at where they went wrong, because there no doubt about how this was supposed to be a blue wave.CountChoculahh 5 points submitted 15 days agoOr the fact that it sounds like you exist in an echo chamber and you agree that „Gen. Z“ is sick of „liberal shit“.You see and subscribe to one narrow point of view and yet you claim replica hermes sandals that your entire generation is sick of „liberal shit“.Dems blaming negative things happening to people on misogyny or systemic racismThat’s because you refuse to acknowledge that it even exists because you feel attacked so the messages that „resonate“ with you are those that reject these concepts.Have you bothered to consider the fact that others in the generation you claim to represent are actually sick of the misogyny and racism that you do despise?It’s moronic to think that your point of view as a white male is shared by „Gen Z“, especially when it is the most diverse generation to date. high quality hermes birkin replica

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