Also, OP, ubiquiti is nice but you’d likely want to get that

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Holy balls fuck trying to fish that. Now I can understand why you need to punch outside in for ethernet. Though, let me rock your world by showing you the coolest tool I seen, and want but is only available in Europe/Germany. Still unlikely though.You leaving out a lot of details.If you apply it you see that it very clingy to its own texture and does not go into other surfaces unless you really force it to.You might need to re apply between 8 12 months, depends how the temperatures look like.jacks_deformity 1 point submitted 10 months agoThis is the right answer. Adding that Asus in AP mode defeats the purpose of getting a PoE router seeing as the Asus can’t get power that way.Also, OP, ubiquiti is nice but you’d likely want to get that edge router, a couple ubiquiti APs, a switch, and a Security gateway if you were to go that route, Ubiquiti is, most of the time, an enthusiast user setup if used at home otherwise more commonly seen in small/medium businesses.Stick with the all in one Asus router you’ve got.The translation is a bit shady, but the clock itself is very nice. The instructions provided are also very thorough.

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